Rotary Club Open Day

The Rotary Club held an Open Day on Sunday, September 17, for community services and clubs around Launceston. The North Esk Rowing Club was asked to be involved, who then invited and included the Dragon Boat Club in this event.


Thank you to Ros, who took the reins in this, and to the members who showed up and lent a hand on the day. Ros was instrumental in organising us, and deciding what we should put out on show. There was quite a bit that didn’t make it, however, so we know we can do better if an event like this occurs in the future.

While only a handful of punters came through on the day, Ros had them well in hand, showing them around and telling them about our club. The Rowing Club had also kept the bar open from the “Sunday School” and was serving coffee and slices. Vanessa, the NERC secretary, had prepared a slideshow, including dragon boats, that played through both projectors. While we had input in this, it’s another thing that can be improved for next time!


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