Birthday Bash 2017

The Birthday Bash, for those who aren’t aware, has become traditional due to the high density of birthdays within the club at this time of year. I won’t list them for fear of forgetting someone! This year it was held at Yacht Club 55. I believe we all enjoyed ourselves, due to the excellent company and great conversation. I heard quite a bit of laughter around the table, anyway!


As I entered, I noticed that the table had been set with party hats and noisemakers – and then the rest of the noisemakers arrived! Fun-loving Beth was the first to put her hat on, of course. I eventually followed suit so as to keep her company, then others joined in.

All in all, the camaraderie was exceptional. Thank you to all who attended, sorry to those who couldn’t, and I hope you can all join us at the next social event on the calendar, the Christmas party and Dragon Petanque Festival – it should be a hoot!

Story: Beth Sowter


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