The 2017 Pink Breakfast

The Pink Breakfast was held at the LGH in August and was presented this year by YWCA Encore supported by Women’s Health Tasmania. Mandy Page from Encore was a lovely, bubbly hostess and she did a great job.

pink1Encore offers support, information, and a specially-designed exercise program for women who have experienced breast cancer at any time in their life, including post-treatment support. Operating in Australia for over 30 years, YWCA Encore has already helped thousands of Australian women.

As DANTI have been the traditional hosts of the Pink Breakfast, we were represented by a hardy group of members who braved the early morning to attend this worthy annual event.

The format was a little different this year – which happens when an event is hosted by another party – with continental breakfast available on the table and a hot plate delivered to each person. I think you’ll all agree that this makes things much more straightforward than the usual buffet. Or maybe it’s just my hospitality training kicking in … The decorations looked great too!

Another point of difference was the raffle. While there was also a traditional raffle, this one had cards indicating the cost of the ticket, with the prize number visible on the back. I think the theory being that whichever card you pick up denotes the prize you receive. However, the prizes were all on view with their prize numbers clearly visible as well. So, what some people seemed to do is choose the card that corresponded to the prize they wanted! That seems to defeat the purpose of a raffle somewhat. Anyway, our own Beth “won” a lovely basket of goodies including a bottle of wine, and then apparently nearly left without it! She did leave behind one much-beloved purple dragon, who had been sitting on our table, never to be seen again. Poor dragon.

All in all, we had a good breakfast with great company and entertainment (Thanks, Keeva!) before departing to our respective duties for the day – yes, some people had to work.

But not me!


Photos from Beth Sowter


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