The Footy Record

footy1In Feb 2015, with thanks to the North Esk Rowing Club, we were first offered the activity of Record selling at AFL games at, what was then known as, Aurora Stadium (now UTAS Stadium). This opportunity to work for much-needed funds was too good to let pass. Even though members are volunteering to the club, the club is employed by UTAS Stadium.

The Dragon Boaters have just completed their third season. Enthusiasm has not waned, with the eager sellers prompt and visible, spruiking “Records” loudly to the arriving crowds!

There has been extremely positive feedback from the officials, who are happy to leave us to do what we do. At our first event we sold out before the first siren! Wow … feeling very proud that we thought this was how it would be! Although we have gone close, we have never run out since. (Maybe they upped our quota!) Records are restocked and moved between stations to meet demand, and once half-time is over, it is pack up and head home!

The lime green jackets have become a part of our weekends during winter. The club bank account is [much] healthier due to this fund-raising activity and I know the members enjoy the satisfaction of getting the job done! A special thank you to all members who have attended and extra thanks to the non-member partners and friends who also helped out.

– Keeva Leighton
AFL Record Co-ordinatorfooty2


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