Happenings in the North

Some of those paddling in the Masters Games in October have made the big trip to Hobart to join the Derwent Storms for a training paddle on a Sunday. Some have made the shorter trip to Deloraine to join the Flames for the same reason.

It’s a good thing to see the different clubs embrace paddlers from other clubs, all working towards fitness and improvement of paddling skills.


Thanks to Craig and Shelley for encouraging those paddlers wishing to do some extra racing training and fitness with an early morning Saturday paddle (7am) and a Thursday night gym workout.

Shelley is heading for her Level 1 Coaching certificate and has been giving us all a really extensive, excellent workout on those early Saturday mornings. She also gets brownie points for sitting on the drummers seat to do the coaching, even though her knuckles were white at the end from hanging on in fear.

And on the right is Vicki freezing her butt off on the drumming seat, Kelly was frozen to the sweep oar and we were only moving our frozen limbs by reflex action, but it was still a really good paddle, up past the Grammar boatshed.


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