Pink Guard of Honour

It did seem wrong to be leaving our buddies on their ownsome lonesome selling the Record while five of us were out in the centre of the arena with 100 other cancer survivors and supporters in a sea of pink as part of the Pink Guard of Honour, held annually as a Cancer Council fundraiser.guard1

However I did appreciate it when one of the lonesome Record sellers said “Heavens no, this is a great honour and you all deserve to be out there so just go, we will manage”.

So thanks folks for the support, and it is a good event to raise the awareness to the public.

Our club especially felt honoured that Lesa managed to get her photo in the paper several times, as a longstanding Hawks fan. She was a great ambassador, there with her daughter and grandchildren.

Merran and Ida also stood out in the crowd and it was wonderful to be sitting right behind the Nipples on Ripples club members from Devonport. Dragon boaters en masse.


Danti is proud to have been a part of this event, so thank you to all who organized it (Brock and Cancer Council) and our Record sellers who kept the home fires burning out the front of the arena.

And thank you Matthew Garwood for your beautiful heartfelt singing as we surrounded you out there.


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