NEDBC and DANTI Awards Night

awards1Craig has reported on most of the Awards in his President’s Piece, but there were a few other awards that DANTI chose to offer:

Ros Lewis for being Beth’s “Paddling Buddy Backup” in all manner of things to do with the pinkie side of the Club.awards3

Karyn Meyman won the “Paddlers Ready, Attention, Go” award for being so prompt with getting things done.

Lesa Schnitzhofer won the “Most Excited New Paddler” award. Lesa embraces the DAA spirit and is proud to paddle pink.awards2

Ten NEDBC/DANTI members attended the NERC Dinner, and I hardly recognized them out of lycra and life jackets, except of Ida of course.

Many thanks to Craig for his thoughtfulness in preparing the inaugural 10 year membership medals. What a great incentive to stay with the club, apart from it being fun of course.


Katrina Sall won the Coach’s choice for most improved paddler, and Trudy was only just a bit taller than the Big Paddle she won for her all round efforts in the Club.awards5

Merran won the “Quiet Achiever” award while Beth, Paul, Jean and Merran were honoured with medals for their 10 year memberships.


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