DANTI 10 year reunion

The DANTI committee, but especially Ros Lewis (left) did an excellent job in bringing together as many past members of DANTI as possible on a very wet Saturday in May. We were unable to go out in the Tamar Tittilator as the rain had already soaked the regular members who had braved the elements for the 7.30 training paddle and then the 9am recreational paddle. We invite all past members to join us on a Saturday morning at 8.30 to give it another go when it isn’t raining.

Many thanks to NEDBC president Craig who instigated this reunion by calling together the original committee to sign the pink shirt in a display honouring Dragons Abreast Northern Tasmania. (photo below studying the display is Marijke Lockwood from Youngtown Rotary who was instrumental in calling the inaugural meeting to start the Club.)


We thank Rotary, Lions Club, Kellara Transport, SeaRoad, Winifred Booth Trust, Greg Rawson and Susan King for their donations and their support to allow DANTI to function as a well equipped Dragon Boat Club, and we thank especially Paul Bird for his vision of dragon boats on the river, and NERC (North Esk Rowing Club) for providing our home for the Tamar Tittilator. The only Dragon Boat head with eyelashes and lipstick!

We thank Paul Van Nynanten and Paul Bird as our first sweeps and coaches, and we thank all those others who assisted DANTI to become a reality.

We are still here, still paddling pink, still very passionate about promoting the fact that “there IS quality of life after breast cancer”


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