Golden Oldies from Rocherlea


Tuesday the 29th of November proved to be a day of unpredictable weather as most of the spring had been. This was the date selected for a Dragon Boating come and try by some enthusiastic Goldies from the Rocherlea Community House.

They had indicated their interest after a talk presented earlier in the month.

Upon arrival at NERC around 4.20 PM the river looked fairly calm, the sun was out with a gentle breeze; so far so good.

oldies2Shortly afterwards our guests started to arrive so the business of organising forms to be filled in, demonstrating paddle technique, donning life jackets, finding a suitable paddle and a buddy in the midst of happy chatter, photos and our cheer squad setting up to watch commenced and, now the serious stuff of lining up on the pontoon, getting in to the boat, numbering off ready to take the first paddle stroke.

It wasn’t long before the wind and the river exhibited some challenging conditions but our new crew members were proving equal to the task, congratulations all round to an effort that contributed so much to the evening.

Thank you so much for coming along; you are very welcome to paddle with us any time. We paddle on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings in the summer season and on Saturday mornings in the winter weather permitting.

And many thanks to Stephanie Rigby (BCNA), Ros Lewis and Merran Thurley (DANTI) for doing the hard yards in organizing, and to Kelly for assistance, and Paul for doing the hard sweeping on a windy evening.


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