Come and Try Paddle

The Come and Try, with Active Launceston was a successful day despite it being cloudy and windy, with 17 paddlers. Paul and crew of four taking on the task of navigating around the many sculls waiting to race so the paddlers could come dragon boating from seaport. Kelly and the rest of our club members provided the basic paddling education; a great introduction to the club, behind the club room.
Having loaded the two Dragon boats with a keen group of paddlers, and manoeuvred our way around the sculls that were hogging the water way, we headed on up the Esk for a trial paddle.

The land training provided must have been good as the new paddlers seemed to be doing well. We then headed up the Gorge, setting sail as we crossed the Tamar. As well as showing off the Gorge from the Dragon Boats, we had a few races, always good fun.

The paddle back due the wind was hard but all the come and try paddlers kept going. There were a few interested in coming back again.

Coffee at Bunnings was held a bit later than usual so our usual tables were occupied but we managed.


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