Pan Pacific Masters Games 2016

PanPacific Masters Games November 2017 on the Gold Coast – Beth reporting

Well Janice had an initiation of fire in her first race with Fire and Water Dragons when they put her as stroke. She was just grateful they didn’t make her lead stroke. But she did a great job, and all 7 of our Club were fabulous in this team and in CancerVive (Karyn and Beth). In fact our calculations of the three Survivor 500m races gave us a bronze medal, but the stewards’ calculations didn’t quite match ours, so we missed out on a bit of bling.

On the lake (Orr) the conditions were perfect in the mornings in spite of incredible thunderstorms in the evenings, but deteriorated during the afternoons and became quite windy and choppy. Our Womens 10’s C division (over 60’s) had so much trouble lining up for the start it was like a dodgem event, and Norm the starter was almost stamping his foot in his boat as he yelled “I’ll cancel this whole race if you don’t line up”.

Paddling with a composite team is always going to take a race or two to settle down and work in harmony but most of our divisions only had two races to decide who would go to the semi finals, so we were happy if we improved our
times and our timing each race. The Division C Mixed team made it to the semi finals – our best effort for the weekend, so well done Janice and Glenda in
that race.

Karyn has the distinction of doing the most races, with 5 in the 500ms and 5 in the 200ms over the two days. A fitting way to start your national paddling career. She’ll cruise it in Italy in 2018.

On the Thursday afternoon, registration and practice day, our 7 paddlers
turned up for the 5.00 training paddle on the dot, with many thanks to Brian Rogers for being a shuttle service for us all, and in spite of no one actually knowing exactly where the Burleigh Fire Dragons boats were. BEHIND the tennis courts.

Townsville arrived at 5.20 after a long and tiring day’s travel and Cairns were too busy sinking a few tinnies to worry about a practice. We got the boat out at 6pm and had a lovely paddle through the twilight into the dark. We said “gosh the water’s so warm” and Townsville said “gosh the water’s so cold”.

The Fire and Water Dragons were a great bunch of people. We made many new friendships, Sarah was great as the Team Manager, and we were complimented as a team for being so prompt to the marshalling tent for every race we did.

Iciar (pronounced Shar) was an excellent Team Manager for the Redcliffe Dragons and for the CancerVive team that Karyn and I paddled with. It is always a special event for me personally, to paddle pink, so I thank the Redcliffe Pink Snapdragons for the opportunity. Karyn and I presented Iciar with our Club’s donation towards new equipment to replace that stolen recently, and there is a good bond between our two clubs.

Karyn did a great job of finding top accommodation on 2nd Ave, Burleigh Heads. With a view up and down the coastline, we could see our racing venue lakes in the distance from our bathroom, and being on the 27th floor we didn’t bother dropping any blinds. We had an indoor pool and spa, outdoor pool and spa, and a big balcony for after spa drinkies.

All in all it was a fun time and a learning experience for us all. A lot of exhilarating moments and what a way for me to celebrate my 70th birthday. I was “encouraged” to wear a pink, flashing, birthday sash most of the day and at Bin12 for the post racing nosh up.

I hope those who intend to organize the Masters Games in Tassie next year were there taking notes, as it’s a huge event, a huge effort for volunteers, and the Gold Coast did it well.

When’s the next “away” event? Bring it On!

My first Pan Pac’s – Varsity Lakes 2016 – Donna’s tips for a successful Pan Pac’s.

  • Don’t rely on advice from Karyn it will get you into trouble.
  • Plenty of eye candy in the team Te Wakea and can they paddle!
  • Have plenty of money for booze especially when it is someone’s significant 70th Birthday and Glenda’s 3 bottles only for the deal it offered.
  • Bring a chair so you’re not playing musical chairs and don’t have to stand all day.
  • Don’t make Beth or Trudy custodians of anything important. (lost as many things as we could all weekend. Ed)
  • Drink plenty of water and hope to god you don’t need to go to the sweat box toilets.
  • Greater appreciation for our home grown sweeps.
  • Being prepared for spontaneous singing and uncoordinated dancing at any given moment.
  • Loved paddling with our Fire and Water team mates.
  • Don’t put your hand up for team manager….Sarah you were awesome!
  • Sit in your designated team tent and don’t cross the invisible line.
  • Be prepared for all conversations and where they may lead.
  • Be very afraid of Norm on the start line.
  • Our chant DRAGON…what does it spell….Fire and Water….??
  • Get to know your buddy and learn a new way to load paddlers into the boat.
  • Bring your credit card if buying paddling equipment.
  • The herbal sleeping drugs don’t work ask Janice and Trudy.
  • Our experienced Mums…..Keeva and Glenda keeping us entertained, on time and orderly (except for Sara, Nedwina and Paddy. Ed)
  • All hail the keeper of the “Pineapple” and the “Pineapple” itself.
  • Well done ladies a great group to go away with for my first Pan Pac’s 2016.


Friday 11 November 500m results: click here
Saturday 12 November 200m results: click here


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