NEDBC President’s Report 2016 AGM

I am going to start this report with my Thank yous. This club only runs because of the hard working committee and members. I know everyone in the club gives what they can and this I appreciate. We are also, all volunteers with limited skills in some areas so we do mess up at times, but we all have good intentions.

To Trudy as Secretary, Thank you, you have survived your first year.
To Glenda as Treasurer, Thank you for stepping in when needed and keeping our accounts in order. The immensity of this job is often unseen as all the work is done behind the scenes.

Vice President, Craig. Thank you for stepping in to the presidents’ role on the occasions when I have been absent. It is great knowing that issues were being handled in a timely manner. Thank you, Craig, also for the work you put into our equipment trailer.

To the committee members, Thank you for your support.

Thank you to our coaches, Kelly and Paul, who keep us on our toes, and are also our sweeps, we can not get on the water without your skills and care for safety.

To all portfolio holders and members, without you our job would be much harder as the work load is spread! A big thank you also to everyone who helped with the chores surrounding the recent floods, it was great too see our large representation at the working bee!

Our summer paddling program has three sessions per week offered. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Over Winter, the Saturday morning session is offered. Sadly due to the weather conditions and subsequent flooding our winter program has been interrupted. The Rivers are unsafe due to fast flowing water and debris, and the pontoon we use has been damaged and is awaiting major repairs. We are very thankful to the Deloraine Flames for the opportunity to paddle with them at the beautiful Four Springs Lake.

Our club has participated in numerous competitions, paddling activities and promotions over the past year. In October we joined with Moco to form NESKIMOCO so both clubs had the chance to compete at the Australian Masters Games in Adelaide.

November saw our Dragons on Esk regatta, a fun day that promoted Dragon Boat Paddling to the locals of Launceston. The following day we held a Come and try for those who wanted to join in the fun they had seen from the previous day. We gained a few new members from this day.

We again provided paddlers and organisation to showcase Dragon Boat Paddling at the St Helens Australia Day Regatta. This year Deloraine Flames bought their two 10 seater boats which gave us the opportunity to give come and tryers a chance to experience some racing fun!

A couple of our Dragons abreast members recently competed with a mainland team at the Australian Dragon Abreast National Championships.

Our contribution to the running of the 4 Bridges Marathon Paddle was to provide and serve morning tea, supply and transport a boat, and the personal offer from our coach and members Paul and Jean to supply and man a support boat.

Our primary fund raising activity has been the Record selling at Aurora stadium at the AFL games. The enthusiasm our members have for this commitment is great and makes it a successful and fruitful activity.
Bunnings Barbecues were also popular and well attended.

We have also fund raised for other causes whilst enjoying our paddling. A Movember paddle saw us dress masculine and don moustaches to raise $100 and awareness for men’s health. Then a Christmas themed paddle saw funds donated to the Examiner Empty Stocking Fund.

Our members also enjoy social events together. Often out walking if unable to paddle, dinners to celebrate birthdays, Christmas etc. We combine with North Esk Rowing Club for an annual awards presentation and use this event to celebrate and acknowledge our many group and individual achievements.
We are still working toward a replacement for NED!

As this marks the end of my two, two year terms as president, and as inaugural president (I will be the only one to have this title!) this will be my final report, and the first time the baton has been passed with in this club. It has been an honour to have been in this role and as I have said before a huge personal challenge. I wish the incoming president all the best for their term and offer my support, I will continue to be an active member of NEDBCI.

Keeva Leighton
NEDBCI President


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