Four Springs Lake

4springs1Due to the severe damage done to the NERC pontoon during the recent floods, we have been unable to paddle on a Saturday morning.

However, Deloraine Flames invited us to join them at Four Springs Lake to go out in their two ten seaters. We’ve done this twice so far, and it’s been a fun experience.

4springs2The most recent exercises on the lake gave both sweeps a chance to practice turns, against the wind, into the wind and all other things windy.

The art of getting back to the jetty was demonstrated, several times, as we missed the first few times, but it was quite exhilarating out there on the lake. Sorry Trudy for your very cold fingers.
A barbecue afterwards was welcome and with four from Devonport DA club attending as well as our ten paddlers, plus Peter and Neil from Deloraine, we enjoyed camaraderie, lessons, paddling fun and a social event. Thanks Deloraine.



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