LAUNCESTON’S rowing clubs spent Wednesday assessing the damage after floods poured through the city.

The homes of Tamar, North Esk, St Pat’s and Grammar all appeared as islands surrounded by the swollen rivers.

However, the city’s close-knit rowing fraternity pulled together to salvage as much as possible and ensure the proud sporting tradition will continue.

As Tamar members waded into their flooded clubhouse, North Esk president Lloyd Luck was among those that popped by to lend a hand.

“We’ve been there since 1876, had floods before and will continue on,” said Tamar committee member Jim Guy.

“We’ve experienced major floods before. We took a fair pounding back in about 1969 so we’ve been through this sort of thing before.

“Rowing clubs do tend to be close to the water level.”

Although clubs received plenty of warning and were able to take preventative measures, the level of the flood still caused plenty of damage.

Half a metre washed through North Esk, which opened its doors to minimise damage, while at Tamar the level reached the club door handle, knocking in windows, damaging walls and destroying a roller door.


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