DANTI President’s Report 2015 AGM

It seems no time at all since DANTI and NEDBC made the decision to move forward together as one club. Combining resources, personnel, boats and related equipment. Looking back over the last 12 months it would be fair to say that action taken from that decision has been successful.

Small clubs need every member they can get and it certainly makes a positive difference when events and activities are held away from home during a busy summer season. Only a few short weeks remain before the 2015/16 season will be upon us. All the fitness training sessions and paddling when we could during cold weather is going to pay off. Hopefully there will be a “Ned” to help it along.

Over the winter months subcommittees have been carefully examining the constitutions of both clubs endeavouring to prepare a workable document that would suit both groups in the foreseeable future. There will be items that pertain specifically to one group or the other but they do not present any difficulties to either group.

Dragons Abreast Australia is making some constitutional changes which could help small clubs such as ours to remain viable; especially when survivor membership is low.

DANTI will remain incorporated for the time being until the results of these changes become known, at that time; it will be possible for clubs such as ours to head in the right direction with a much clearer view of the future at the club level.

Thank you to all members who have given their time for fund raising, helped on committees, participated at events, paddled regularly and generally helped around the club. That includes everyone, you know who you are and what you have done; thank you. To the outgoing committee, thanks for a job well done, to those who will serve on committee this year let any opportunities you take be those that will strengthen dragon boat club activity.

Merran Thurley
DANTI President


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