NEDBC President’s Report 2015 AGM

This my third report as president of NEDBC Inc. It is personally challenging and rewarding and I am learning and developing the role as I go.

This year for our club has been another successful year. We have welcomed some new enthusiastic paddlers and have retained many loyal enthusiastic hard working club members. My thanks go out to everyone who has put their valuable time to keeping this club running. Some are in official positions and some are behind the scenes hard workers. I know if I start to list names I will miss some, so thank you to everyone.

The past year has been a challenging one for the club dealing with the issues surrounding NED, this is ongoing and being dealt with!

Early in this season 2 groups of paddlers represented us at large events. Well done to those who travelled to Sarasota for the International Dragons Abreast Festival and to those who attended the 2014 Pan Pacific Masters Games in Queensland.

Our major fundraising project for this year has been the record selling at the AFL games at Aurora Stadium. This activity was offered to us and has proven to be a huge success, it is great to feel that members are enjoying these occasions and are loving doing it with the added bonus that it puts dollars in our bank!

As a team, we competed at the Lake Barrington Regatta in February. It is a fun competition and a great social weekend.

The next year will bring new challenges for us. We will be joining with Moco and heading to Adelaide to enter a combined team in the Masters Games. Our members have been working hard over winter to build and maintain fitness for this event.

The Dragons on Esk Festival is being organised for November and will be a great way to promote the sport we love to the people of Launceston.

We will continue to work towards getting a replacement boat for NED.

I am looking forward to working with the 2015/16 committee and members as we continue to grow our club and promote the sport of Dragon Boat Paddling on the North Esk, South Esk and Tamar rivers.

Keeva Leighton, NEDBCI President.

agmPicture: Beth Sowter