Lake Barrington Regatta 2015

Race 1 Womens 10’s Heat 1 Storms Yellow 1.06.85
Moco 1.07.60
Del/Mlanders 1.08.25
NEDBC 1.12.80
Race 2 Womens 10’s Heat 2 Storms Red 1.05.16
DATH 1.09.88
South Sea Drg 1.11.13
DANWT 1.13.93
Race 3 Open 10’s Storms 56.16
Del/Mlanders 1.03.57
NEDBC 1.04.29
DANWT 1.15.54
Race 4 State Race 20’s 500 metres Storms 2.13.87
MoCo 2.31.29
Del/Mlanders 2.38.15
NEDBC 2.42.76
DATH 2.42.99
DANWT 2.54.47
Race 5 Womens 10’s Storms Yellow 58.13
Storms Red 58.57
South Sea Drg 1.01.78
DANWT 1.11.91
Race 6 Womens 10’s MoCo 1.05.20
Del/Mlanders 1.05.65
DATH 1.06.64
NEDBC 1.12.34

1Beautiful venue, beautiful weather, and some great racing.

2With the new format of 12 in a boat rather than 22, there were more races with the Women’s Event and the Open Event both doing 200m races.

3The Survivor’s Race was 250m with full boats and Nipples on Ripples invited Merran, Jean and Beth into their boat while Wilma drummed for another boat.

4The Flowers on the Water Ceremony is always a difficult moment for many, but what a heartfelt way to remember those we have lost.

5The State Championship was over 500m with full boats, and Derwent Storm did just that…stormed to an easy win, but all teams raced exceptionally well all weekend, with friendship and many laughs on the way.

6A favourite race was the 1km turnaround race. North Esk just powered along, beautifully in time, with a great feeling on board, and we cruised around the markers easily and were even able to “lift!” at the end but not quite enough to beat MoCo.

7All teams this year have improved dramatically and the whole weekend was a buzz.

9The social side of the event was very relaxed, with some hilarious entertainment at the dinner.

10Paul and Jean’s big dome tent has become a focal point each year now, and with so many more of us in the campsite now, it’s a great little village.

11Was it fun or was it FUN?



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