Room in dragon boat for others


If you wanted to try something new in 2015, dragon boat rowing[sic] may be just what you’re looking for.

Each Saturday and Tuesday the North Esk Dragon Boat Club with the Dragons Abreast North Tasmania, hit the river for a bit of a workout.

Member Kelly Broomhall said the club was born out of the dragons abreast group made up of cancer survivors and their supporters, but now also welcomes all people from the community.

“A lot of people still see it as just for breast cancer survivors and we’re trying to open that up,” Ms Broomhall said.

The activity is growing in popularity, with a number of boat clubs now in Hobart, Devonport and Deloraine.

Ms Broomhall said the 24 Launceston members primarily participated for social outing and to get some exercise.

People interested should meet at the North Esk Rowing Club, opposite Seaport, on Saturday by 8.30am or Tuesday by 5.30pm.

Source: THE EXAMINER, Wednesday, January 7, 2015.


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