Lake Barrington Regatta 2014

Once again Nipples on Ripples have hosted another fantastic weekend at Lake Barrington. It would have to be the highlight of our paddling year!

We had seven teams paddling from Tasmania:

  • Nipples on Ripples (Devonport)
  • Dragons Abreast Hobart (DATH)
  • Northern Tasmania (DANTI)
  • Derwent Storm
  • Montrose Community Dragon Boat Club (Moco)
  • North Esk Dragon Boat Club
  • Deloraine Dragons

Two teams from the mainland:

  • Peninsular Dragonflies from Victoria
  • The Bribie Island Dragons from Queensland

And a few other stray paddlers, one I think from Western Australia, revelling in the marvellous setting.

Race Results 2014

200m Handicap Consolation Final
1st Nipples on Ripples 1.05.11
2nd Moco 1.05.53
3rd DATH 1.05.91
4th Bribie Island 1.08.44
200m Handicap Final
1st Storm 2 59.61
2nd North Esk 59.97
3rd Storm 1 1.00.95
4th Peninsula 1.01.55
500m State Championship
1st Storm 2.11.35
2nd Moco 2.13.92
3rd North Esk 2.35.98
Breast Cancer Survivors Race
1st DATH 63.95
2nd Peninsula/DANTI 1.04.34
3rd Bribie Island 1.04.58
4th Nipples on Ripples 1.11.99
200m Back to Back
1st Storm 2 52.03
2nd Storm 1 55.03
3rd North Esk 56.13



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