2013 Mid-Winter Ghost Marathon

The course starts and finishes in a strangely named little town in North West Tasmania,
Nowhere Else…

This area is truly paradise green and lush (in springtime) but more like frost and snow at this time of year – it’s like nowhere else you have run before!

The course is a loop on narrow, isolated country roads – you could easily get lost up here and not be found for a hundred years…

Gruelling twists and turns – Steep climbs – Slippery descents.

From Nowhere Else, go past the turn-off to Devils Gate, through Sheffield the town of Murals. If you were really running this course you would be totally exhausted – by the time you reach – Paradise!

Leaving Paradise behind travel through the Promised Land, and head once again to Nowhere Else – the perfect finishing place for a Mid Winter Ghost Marathon.





1st Alex Zucchi 2.06.20
2nd Mavis Hayes 2.09.00
3rd Rosemary Miller 2.18.13
4th Claire Pinney 2.18.43
5th Kelly Broomhall 2.18.46
6th Dean Le Bis 2.25.07
7th Sarah Joseph 2.25.13
8th Beth Sowter 2.26.04
9th Maree Applebee 2.26.09
10th Roz Sargent 2.26.10
11th Glenda Deutscher
12th Karen Hall
13th Carol Hughes
14th Phillip Stevens
15th Penny Zucchi and Pip Zucchi (dead heat)
16th Helen Mennitz
17th Anne Owen
18th Belinda Kendal-White
19th Maree Conrad-Wilson
20th Christine Reid Roberts
21st Gaylene Taylor
22nd Mary-Ann Cook
23rd Jennifer Greenhill
24th Hannah Stephens
25th Glenda Lodge
26th Anne Castley
27th Steven Marando
28th Amanda Spinks-Cooper
29th Lucas Rutherford
30th Merran Thurley
31st Helen Sara Cordell
32nd Suzanne Wellesley
33rd Jenni Young
34th Mark Smith
35th Alison Le Bis
35th Kerrin Rutherford
37th Andrew Meijers
38th Andrew Greenhill
39th Rod Mennitz
40th Daniel Joseph
41st Malcolm Cooper
42nd Debbie Ackerly
43rd Traci Harwood
44th Jesse Barratt
45th Annette Reid
46th Leigh Becker
47th Christine Suckling
48th Helen Russell
49th Lisa Mills
50th Debbie Kelleher
51st Lisa C Reid
52nd Archie (the MoCo Mascot)
53rd Natasha Williams
54th Erica Nathan
55th Helen Byrne
56th Linda Cooper
57th Bill Conrad Wilson
58th Keeva Leighton
59th Sam Turnbull
60th Peter Cormi
61st Pammi Holloway
62nd Liz Stevens
63rd Brett Harrison
64th Barbara June
65th Kathryn Broomhall
66th Anita Van Riet
67th Frank Zucchi
68th David Fooks
And stumbling over the finish line together …
69th Ron Kervin
69th Karen Morris
69th Paul Mitchell
69th Mac Daniels
Results courtesy of Ghost Marathon, Nowhere Else 2013.

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