Flowers on the Water

In memory of Sue King

Flowers on the Water

Flowers on the Water

Flowers on the Water

I welcome and thank all our members, past and present who are here today.

This ceremony is dedicated to the memory of Sue King whose presence among us will be missed; now that she has joined Angels Abreast. It is with a sadness bigger than all of us that we farewell her.

Many of you knew her as a vibrant person with a sunny disposition and, always a smile. There must have been times when smiling would have been very difficult.

I will remember her as someone who lit up a room when she entered it, a cold morning vanished instantly, replaced by a bright day with a warm happy feeling.

Sue cared very much about her fellow members and crew mates and constantly tried to make things better for everyone.

Joining Dragons Abreast acknowledges that you may, at some time, lose a trusted friend but that doesn’t stop the heart from grieving for them, nor does it stop us missing members like Sue at club events.

The Ceremony demonstrates that despite the fact that we are on the water having a great time, we do have a very serious message – breast cancer is a disease which, if left undetected, kills. Thirty women a day are diagnosed with breast cancer. 11,700 women a year and also 2,500 women each year lose their lives to breast cancer. One hundred men a year are also diagnosed.

These figures are a reminder that the numbers lost to breast cancer each year is still far too high but the efforts to promote wellness, fun and the benefits of exercise must go some way to reducing those numbers.

Those of us here today have an exciting future to experience, lets go on now and grab it with both hands.


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