Pink Buffet Breakfast


Many of us attended a wonderful Pink Breakfast at the LGH on October 24th. The staff made the cafeteria supremely welcoming, and tastefully decorated. Many wore pink and it was wonderful to see two DANTI tables full of Tamar Tittilator Dragons. A nervous Mary-Ann Cook was forced to eat breakfast so that she didn’t pass out, but she did inform me that she’d rather take her clothes off in public than speak at a public function, so next time we need a diversion we know who to ask eh?


Mary-Ann presented an excellent summary of our paddling for fun and for exercise and history of pinkie paddling (Dr. Don in Canada started it as a therapy to prevent lymphoedema ), and as a result several people have come down on a Tuesday night to have a go. Well done Mary-Ann and Jean and all helpers. We raised a tidy amount, plus did a lot of merchandise sales, and there are a lot of very generous people who just simply gave a donation to our Club. We thank you all, as we continue to paddle and celebrate life after cancer.

By Beth Sowter.


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