Happenings in DANTI

We’ve had some great Saturday paddles for the past few weeks, and as of October 2nd we’ll be heading out on a Tuesday evening as well. We like to be in the boat and on the water ready to paddle by 5.30pm please.

The recent Saturday paddle on September 29th was one to remember – snow on the mountains in the distance, a nifty breeze over freezing water and two new paddlers in the boat – full marks to Michelle and Natalie on their first trip out and in the worst weather we’ve had for months. Started out light and bright, but cold, and was sleeting as we hauled the boat up the ramp at the end. But it WAS exhilarating even though exhausting. I loved it. Sam’s fingers may still not have recovered any feeling.

With both Paul and Henry taking turns at sweeping, we’ve had nearly full boats each week, and this has given the 4 members of the Club going to the PanPac Games in November a good chance to work on their technique and fitness.

Paul van Nynanten, the coach for NEDBC has been improving our racing starts, which has been great fun, plus we can feel the fitness levels increase each paddle. We occasionally do fun activities paddling backwards and forwards at the same time, paddling backwards then forwards immediately, working hard in the ensuing turbulence, shutting our eyes while paddling to sense what the boat is doing. Everyone is becoming more aware of their technique, the feel of the boat and the presence of the other paddlers. All good.

Sometimes everyone adjourns to the Seaport coffee arena after paddling for a social get together, and hopefully with summer on the way we can do this more often, sitting out on the deck at Seaport, enjoying the sun and the activity around the moorings.
DANTI members who have been involved in the Steering Group which has brought to life the North Esk Dragon Boat Club are to be congratulated and heartily thanked for all that hard slog to get the constitution organized. It all came to fruition on September 22nd with the AGM being held and office bearers and committee being elected.

DANTI members can only benefit from having community paddlers join them, and help to keep that boat on the water whenever it needs to go out. We’re looking forward to exciting times ahead, with a weekend at St. Helens in January, the Tasmanian Dragon Boating Championships in February, and many other events where we join sister/brother clubs in the South and the Northwest for a challenge.

We’re also planning more social eventsover the next few months, and we started with a slide night at Jean and Paul’s, at the end of September, where Paul enthused us with his River Franklin trip and Beth had some photos of Ireland in the wettest summer they’ve had in 100 years, Ros entranced us with her trip to Turkey, plus other photos from this year’s Lake Barrington event, taken by Jay, Louise’s husband. Superb photos, making us really keen to get into training for February at Lake Barrington once again. The hilarious videos of the HUGE racing dragon boats in Indonesia, with a drummer in the middle of the boat, steerer at the front and several steerers at the back (and they still crashed – but they WERE trying to negotiate under a narrow bridge, on a bend with a HUGE boat, going very fast indeed).

We have several “Try a Paddle” days in October and the Pink Breakfast on 24th October. All good happenings and it is SO GOOD to be back in the boat and zooming over the water.

By Beth Sowter.


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