Community paddling group

North Esk Dragon Boat Club

Over the past few months DANTI members have been working hard to create a club that can cater for everyone, those who are breast cancer survivors, those who support them, and those from the community who would just like to paddle.

To guide the formation of a Dragon Boat Club in Launceston to cater for the needs of all interested participants and promote healthy exercise.

Facilitate the ongoing opportunity for breast cancer survivors to dragon boat paddle in Launceston as well as promote the sport as a health promotion to the larger community.

The steering group are meeting regularly, and are currently drafting a constitution for the North Esk Dragon Boat Club (NEDBC) which will encompass the needs of both community and dragons abreast paddlers and allow for future growth of dragon boating in Northern Tasmania.

When members of steering group where asked where they see the club in three years time answers included:

  • ensure opportunity for PINK paddlers to participate in paddling at whatever level they choose
  • Attract new members (both Pink & community) to ensure a broad range of sweeps, coaches and a spread of ‘club’
  • responsibilities, With more members the club can offer both social events and competitive paddling events which
    caters to all members needs.
  • a congenial cross over between club members
  • future new members of NEDBC to understand and appreciate and the beginnings of the ‘club’ as a dragons abreast group
  • a vibrant dragons abreast contingent, maintaining their PINK identity and ‘beacon of hope’ focus whilst enjoying camaraderie amongst the group and support and the opportunity offered by opening up the club to include community paddlers.

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