North Esk Rowing Club Annual Awards Dinner

Annual Dinner 2012There were seven DANTI representatives atthe NERC Dinner and many thanks to Jean and gang for making the table pinkly coloured. Paul Van Nynanten was awarded for his winning design for the flag to be flown at NERC, plus his achievement as the first DANTI member to represent the Tasmanian Dragon Boat Team at the Nationals, bringing home a Bronze medal, plus his accreditation as a sweep last year. DANTI thanked Paul for his commitment to coaching and sweeping.

In 2013 DANTI would like to have some additional awards for members, so get those grey cells active and throw in some suggestions for awards eg. Most improved paddler (or sweep, or drummer), most active member in the club etc etc.

We would like to honour those who have helped to make this Club an exciting and fun group to be with, who commit their time and efforts to it, who excel at paddling, paperwork, hard work, leg work, all in order to make DANTI (and the North Esk Dragon Boat Club itself) a vibrant club to be involved with.


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