2012 St Helens Regatta

Many thanks to you all for helping to make St Helens a fantastic weekend. Special thanks to Sue Smith who had to endure watching us enjoy ourselves on the water. It must have been hard Sue and we want you back in the boat soon. Ian just managed without you and Sheba did a wonderful job as a silent drummer on Sunday. To those of you unable to attend, I hope you can make it next year, even if it’s just for a day.
Susan King, President

St Helens RegattsIt was a fun weekend, starting with pizzas and champagne at the Curran Clan household on Friday night after we put up the tent. Paddled from 10am until after 3pm off and on, taking over 20 guests out throughout the day, including the Bendigo Bank Pig, shown here biting his hooves in nervousness as he wasn’t sure how to inflate the life jacket with hooves, if needed. We decided he would have floated anyway.

Georges Bay was slightly choppy onhe Saturday which made it all the more exciting, but absolutely still on the Sunday morning when we did a long paddle halfway to Melbourne (no we didn’t, but we did go a long way out. Sheba made us do it).


Mary-Ann had a successful go at sweeping up to the point when Paul called out “Stop the Boat” as someone’s expensive yacht got closer and closer. But a job well done for the first time out and may it continue please. Kathy also exhibited some stylish manoevres at the back of the boat, and found out that the water was really quite warm.

Saturday night was another Curran feast and what a meal they put on, thank you Dale and Christine. We’d been instructed to bring a song, so Beth turned up with her autoharp, but by the time the meal was over and it was time to sing, she had also imbibed heavily of the bubbly stuff, not having to drive home. So the song became hilarious, with everyone (trying) to beat time to the rhythm – I thought paddlers were meant to keep in time. Then a desecration of Molly Malone followed and it was time to go home.


Wilma brazenly rattled the donation tin around the pub, and Sam scored some donuts for us without having to first win them by gobbling them.

All in all a fun time, and thanks to Paul and Jean for organizing the great cabins and to everyone who came down and made it such a pleasure.
Beth Sowter


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