Christmas Party at Gravelly Beach

xmas2After Saturday’s rain we were SO lucky to have a beautiful sunny day on the Sunday, with just enough wind and bow waves from the Odyssey to create a lovely easy roller coaster effect for the Tittilator on the river.
What a grand boat she is – so solid and safe. We’ll have to watch ourselves when we get into the racing boats at Lake Barrington and be very mindful of their lower gunwales and lighter frame. With 19 in the boat we paddled quite solidly UP the river waving to people on the shore, then coasted home easily with the tide and the wind. Working off the calories before tackling Christine’s cream cakes and other yummy desserts at the BBQ.
Many thanks to Sue King and Greg Rawson for the hospitality, driving the boat down, the CRAYFISH, the other yummies and generally many thanks to all who came along and gave us a lovely relaxing Christmas party.

The highlight for many of us was the arrival of our mates from Canberra, but former Tittilaters, Judy Rafferty and Becky Barney. What a treat. Both in fine form after some rather dramatic health issues, but thanks to them both for the long flight via Sydney (delayed) and Melbourne to get to Tassie just for a paddle and a party.

By Beth Sowter.


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