2011 Deloraine Craft Fair

Dragon Boating Tasmania offered support to a small local Deloraine group who are hoping to establish enough interest in the sport to start a club in Deloraine.

This event coincided with the Deloraine Craft Fair and so, as well as garnering local interest, it was a very visible event to promote our sport to the wider community with a lot of through traffic and visitors to the town.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAWe had two beautiful sunny days on the river, with members of all the Tasmanian clubs taking part, and quite a few members of the public taking advantage of the opportunity to race a dragon boat on the river.

The two fantastic looking racing boats were brought from Hobart to the site, so many thanks to DBT for their willingness to travel these two boats such a distance, plus bringing a whole crew of paddlers to demonstrate techniques and calls to the newbies who gave it a go.

As a participant I felt a great camaraderie amongst all the regular club paddlers from around Tassie, and was delighted to be able to get some hints for my own use on racing technique, better arm position etc, but mostly it was just a delight to paddle on the beautiful Meander River and have the crowds at the Craft Fair take such an interest in our boats.

Deloraine Craft Fair

We’re all looking now to the Tasmanian Championships at Lake Barrington in early February, plus the future Australian Championships for the sporting clubs.

Members of DANTI who paddled at Deloraine were Paul and Jean, Beth, Mary-Ann and Sue (Smith). Many thanks to the very busy Jean and Paul who also hosted many of the Hobart paddlers at their house for two nights, plus provided a smashing BBQ for the paddlers after the long Saturday, when we paddled on the Tamar with DANTI in the morning, then twice on the Meander in the afternoon.

At one point, the drummer pulled a log out of the river and tucked it in behind her to take ashore and a comment was heard from halfway down the boat “Better put that in the log book”.


Both Paul van Nynanten and Alwyn March (Nipples on Ripples sweep) received their Sweep Accreditation Certificates, so congratulations boys – we now legitimately feel much safer in the boats.

DANTI wishes the Deloraine paddlers the best of luck in launching their new club. It was a pleasure to be able to paddle with you all, and with the DATH and Storm paddlers at the Craft Fair to help raise awareness for your membership.

By Beth Sowter.


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