Happenings in DANTI

Don't you love a happy drummer? Ellen in full flight
Don’t you love a happy drummer? Ellen in full flight
We’ve had a great and exciting start to our paddling season, from the beginning of October. National Paddle Day saw a resurgence of interest. We’ve had float planes landing be side us at Home Point, we’ve nearly had the sweep overboard when everyone turned and looked up, leaning to one side, to see a jet plane fly low over head, we’ve taken part in the Health Rally at Home Point, almost getting stuck in the mud trying to get closer to the action on land.

With a lovely number of new members joining us as well, it’s been a treat to have more power in the boat, and Paul has almost got everyone doing good timing, good hand positions, good body movement to rock the boat along, but he still can’t stop the chatter…”How can I fly like an eagle when I’m working with turkeys?” But all in fun and we’ve certainly had fun, with lots of laughter in the boat and a good feeling of companionship. Which is what it’s all about.

Some Titillators travelled to Deloraine for the two days that Dragon Boating Tasmania hosted as a promotion to help establish a new sporting club in Deloraine. Good luck to Peter and Andrew and all those new paddlers over there. You have a beautiful river to paddle on.

The AGM for DANTI is on Tuesday 15th after paddling, at the NERC clubhouse. It is important for members to take an interest in this, as decisions are made, suggestions for future programs are made, office bearers are selected and it’s all to keep the club vibrant and active. Paddling will finish around 6.30pm or earlier, so just attend the meeting if you aren’t wishing to paddle on the day.

Paul van Nynanten has been awarded his Accreditation for Sweeping, and is to be congratulated on this and on being the DANTI representative for Dragon Boating Tasmania.

Dragons Sbreast salute
We love it when the tide is high, but we have to be careful about heading up river under the three bridges. If the tide continues to come in we might not be able to get back under the three bridges (well the paddlers can duck, but the sweep might disappear off the back of the boat)

By Beth Sowter.


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