BCNA Breakfast at the LGH

Very early on a Thursday morning we climbed out of bed and headed off to the BCNA Breakfast at the LGH at 7am.


What a great turnout there was, and a really nice breakfast too – although the full monty of a breakfast put my system into shock for the rest of the day.

Merran Thurley gave just the most wonderful talk, as guest speaker. It was so encouraging to hear her saying “I love life” and “give me a challenge – I love it”.

Her wry account of her medical trips to Hobart made light of what had actually been a very distressing and emotional time for her. So thank you Merran for reaffirming for us all the reason why we belong to this Club and why we paddle in a pink boat.


Paul van Nynanten presented an excellent powerpoint history of the Club and showed the 100 attendees quite clearly that there IS life after breast cancer and that dragon boating is FUN!

Thank you both very much for the effort you put into this breakfast event – I was quite moved by it all.

Story by Beth Sowter.


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