2011 National Paddle Day

We had a wonderful DAA National Paddling Day turnout on October 2nd with 8 new paddlers in the boat. People watching us from the Seaport cafés must have wondered a bit, when they saw a bunch of paddlers sitting on chairs out in the open, practising paddle strokes and commands. But this gave some confidence to the new paddlers, none of whom wished to end upside down in the Tamar River.

beth humungous cake
Beth’s humungous cake
A glorious sunny, if nippy, day, and we just beat the receding tide to get in two trips out with a full boat. Thanks to Paul our coach/sweep for his patience and training, and thanks to Jean and Sue for looking after everyone back at the pontoon while we paddled. Thanks to everyone who attended and assisted on the day.

Beth brought a humungous chocolate mud cake for the post-paddling-noshup. This was the remainder of her farewell for retirement cake made by the LGH cafeteria, and it was fantastic. Chris Curran also made some of her lovely cookies, all neatly tied up and presented beautifully.

come and try paddle
Thanks to the Examiner for this photo.
We were photographed and filmed by the Examiner, with Sue sitting on the pontoon (hope she cleared off the bird poo first) and the boat manoeuvring in the background (the tide was going out!). All good fun for everyone and a great advertisement to show that life can continue with great enjoyment after breast cancer.

Bit of a caterpillar effect but who cares.



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