Lake Barrington Regatta 2011

Four dragon boat clubs hit the water at fabulous Lake Barrington

The weekend at Lake Barrington in February marked an important milestone for dragon boating in Tasmania. It was the first time the state’s four clubs hit the water together. Sincere thanks must go to DANWT (Nipples on Ripples) for making it happen and extending the invitation.

Dragon Boats racing on Lake Barrington
Dragon Boats racing on Lake Barrington
We all assembled at the lake for breakfast early Saturday morning and it was not long before the drums reverberated across Lake Barrington for a series of races.

The surroundings were stunning and the lake picture perfect.
Paddling in Lake Barrington’s fresh water was a novelty. The final race was based on handicap and Nipples on Ripples were victorious, thus becoming the inaugural holders of the Winner’s Trophy.

In the afternoon, all four boats ventured on a 10.5km round trip to Forth Falls. What a fantastic sight that was with the falls as the backdrop to the dragon boats.

dragon boats at the forth falls
At the Forth Falls
After a wonderful dinner, we were entertained with the sounds of Abba at the outdoor cinema featuring ‘Mamma Mia’.

Sunday saw a state training session, followed by some on-water training for all clubs. After lunch it was time to head home, but not before putting in our request to please come again next year.

The DANWT club worked tirelessly to present an excellent weekend, with a perfect combination of on-water paddling and training, and off-water socialising. A great effort!


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